Did you know wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in either Mesopotamia, Palestine/Israel or what is now called Georgia?


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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when Indiana is mentioned, but the Hoosier wine industry is among the fastest growing agriculture industries in the state. Indiana wine sales have steadily increased by 15 percent each year to create an industry that produces more than 1 million gallons of wine, and contributes more than $72 million to the state’s economy, according to the Purdue Wine Grape Team, which helps support Indiana’s wineries and vineyards. The state currently has 92 wineries, up from 34 in 2007.
When most people talk about great wine, they often refer to vino from Napa Valley, France or Italy. But locals will tell you that some of the best wines come from the rolling hills of Southern Indiana. Indiana boasts six official wine trails - yes, really. Three feature Southern Indiana wineries, and two spotlight five wineries located within 25 miles of downtown Louisville.
At many of Indiana’s wineries, a special variety of wine can be found on the shelves. Traminette, a white wine known for its floral and fruit characteristics, is made from grapes that thrive in the Midwest climate. It has been Indiana’s signature wine for eight years. Katie Barnett, wine grape marketing specialist at Purdue Extension, shared an update on Traminette with AgriNews.
The Purdue Wine Grape Team's experts research, test and teach the best practices for growing grapes throughout Indiana and processing those grapes into good wines that are brought successfully to market
Indiana wineries produce well over a million gallons per year, making the state a top 10 producer. Purdue Wine Grape Team was launched in 1991 to hope grow the industry and advise producers.
As Muncie experiences a craft beer revolution, just north in the village of Royerton, Tonne Winery is experiencing success of its own. Tonne (rhymes with sunny), has become east-central Indiana’s go-to local winery in the past decade and is fast earning a regionally renowned reputation for good wine. Tonne Winery is also on the Heartland Wine and Ale Trail and the Wineries of Indiana’s North East Tour.
Wine’s history is believed to date to at least 6,000 B.C. Its Indiana presence, however, dates only to 1810, when Swiss emigrant John James Dufour abandoned his decimated Kentucky vineyard and established the Hoosier state’s first commercial vineyard and winery in Vevay (at that time called New Switzerland).
The Purdue University wine grape team hosted a series of seminars at the Indiana Horticultural Congress. Through research and teaching, the team has helped more than 70 wineries produce more than a million gallons of wine annually, creating a $100 million statewide economic impact.
Purdue’s wine professor wants students to leave his class with much more than just knowledge of a beverage.
Purdue University Wine Grape Marketing Extension Specialist Katie Barnett says her job is about two things: connections and possibilities.

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