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Celebrate the Fourth of July with Indiana Wines

Posted On 01/09/2014

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Indiana wines come in all colors - red, white and even blue - making them a great way to celebrate your family's Fourth of July celebration.

"Enjoying a glass of wine while watching the fireworks or grilling out on the holiday is a great way to support Indiana wines," said Jeanette Merritt, marketing director for the Indiana Wine Grape Council. "Plus, you get the added benefit of supporting local businesses and our state agricultural industry on Independence Day!"

Huber Winery's 2010 Heritage, a blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Peitit Verdot grapes, pairs well with steak and chicken. The red wine won a double gold medal at the 2012 Indy International Wine Competition.

For those who prefer a sweeter selection, there's Oliver Winery's Soft Red, made from Concord grapes. It's one of the state's most popular wines and pairs well with almost any food choice.

As with red, white wines range from dry to sweet. Traminette, made with Indiana's signature grape, is a perfect white wine choice to add to any meal, especially those with a little spice, because it hits in the middle of the palate. Carousel, French Lick, Tonne and Wildcat Creek wineries all won a double gold medal with their versions at the Indy International Wine Competition last year.

While most people are familiar with red and white wines, several of Indiana's wineries do produce a blueberry fruit wine. Ertel Cellars Winery of Batesville, Ind. also won a double gold medal at last year's state wine competition with their 2011 Blueberry wine. And Blueberry wine is one of the biggest sellers at Bloomington, Ind.'s Butler Winery and Vineyard.

Pick up your own red, white and blue wine combination at your nearest winery. For a map of Indiana's wineries, visit our state map page.

The Indiana Wine Grape Council, created by the Indiana General Assembly in 1989, works with the state's 70 wineries to establish and nurture a successful wine grape industry. The Council is headquartered at Purdue University, and boasts specialists in enology (winemaking), viticulture (grape-growing) and marketing. For more information, visit www.indianawines.org.


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