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Wineries of Indiana's Northeast kicks off Saturday

Posted On 01/09/2014

Beginning this Saturday, the wineries of the north eastern region of Indiana are declaring themselves united and worth taking notice of. The Wineries of Indiana's Northeast, or the WINE Tour, will showcase a unique perspective in a less-traveled agricultural area and a budding entertainment source.

Composed of seven members: Fruit Hills Winery of Bristol, Briali Vineyards and Satek Winery of Fremont, Country Heritage Winery of LaOtto, Two EE's Winery of Huntington, McClure's Orchard of Peru, and Tonne Winery of Muncie, the members hope to formalize an existing geographical network into an agritourism dynamo. They hope to draw attention and interest from wine drinkers in southern Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois and beyond.

"This action has been in the planning stages for some time. Enough of us in a common place was a natural outgrowth, a real tipping point," states inaugural tour president Jason Satek. "When Satek Winery opened in 2001, I believe we were the 19th winery in Indiana, and fairly isolated in the north east corner; with Two EE's opening in May 2013, Indiana has 70, with more coming. And we feel we have something worth promoting."

With locations on or near major Interstate roads, the WINE Tour offers a satisfying but not overlong winetasting journey achievable in a handful of days, or at a more leisurely pace. A free passbook will record interactions, stamped by the individual businesses after purchase, and upon completion, the holder will be awarded a prize. Their initial offering is a flared 15oz logo wine glass, but this is hopefully the tip of the iceberg. "We are here, and in it for the long haul; theme weekends, holiday specials, cross promotion, specialty wines, we have a great many ideas. We have members growing other fruit, like peaches, apples, and blueberries as well as grapes. We make dry wine, sweet wine, award winning wines that will hopefully appeal across the taste spectrum, and we all approach wine production from different perspectives, yet all with a goal of quality. Our diversity and ingenuity are real strengths," concludes Satek.

For more information or updates, the WINE Tour can be found at www.winetourin.com, Facebook and the individual winery websites.


Contact: marketing@satekwinery.com

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