Did you know wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in either Mesopotamia, Palestine/Israel or what is now called Georgia?

Touring Tips


Verify directions, business hours, area lodging, and tour schedules. Some wineries are in the Eastern Time zone, some in the Central. Most are open on Sunday for tasting and carry-out sales!

Learn and Ask

Wineries are the best place to learn about winemaking and wine tasting. Ask questions. Create your own learning experience.


Don't feel obligated to finish a sample. Most wineries have dump buckets on or under the counter. If they are not visible, ask the server to pour out the wine.


If you're planning to visit several wineries in a day, you may wish to spit out the samples you are tasting rather than swallow them. That's how professional wine judges keep their senses while tasting hundreds of wines!


Enjoy a cheese tray or a sandwich at the wineries that serve food. Food slows the absorbtion rate of alcohol, thereby decreasing the effects.


Children are allowed in every Indiana winery. However, there's limited entertainment for children at some of the wineries. Please bring items to keep them occupied while you taste the wine. And remember to watch them carefully around equipment and glassware.

Be Responsible

Please drink the wine responsibly. Indiana wineries, with your assistance, are committed to providing you a safe and enjoyable visit.

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