Did you know wine was discovered about 6,000 years ago in either Mesopotamia, Palestine/Israel or what is now called Georgia?

Ironhand Vineyard

IRONHAND Vineyard honors explorer Henri de Tonti who traveled the St. Joseph River Valley alongside the French explorer LaSalle in the late 1600s.  During the third Ango-Dutch War, a grenade took off de Tonti's right hand, which he replaced with an iron hook.  Native Americans were awed by his use of the hook, and referred to him as a man of courage and tenacity.  They called him Iron Hand.  A 1718 memoir prepared for the French government describes the region as having "the finest vines in the world which produce a vast quantity of very excellent grapes.  It is the richest district in all the country."  

IRONHAND Vineyard is a small boutique winery (~4000 bottles/year) that embraces de Tonti's spirit of adventure and aspires to compete with wines from across the world. Their wines are made from a variety of classic European grapes as well as American hybrids, and they make both whites and reds.  All aspects of wine making, from grape harvesting to bottling, are performed on-site.  

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21481 Brick Rd

South Bend, IN 46628


(574) 360-5388






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